Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder - 4184

Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder - 4184

A unique way to control weeds on driveways, paths and patios without the need to use chemicals.


The new Green Power Thermal Weeder offers a brand new way to eliminate weeds simply and without the use of glyphosate or other herbicide chemicals. It provides an ideal alternative solution for controlling weeds on driveways, paths and patios and as it is chemical free, there is no need to keep children and pets away following treatment.  Electrically powered, and supplied with a 3m cable, the Thermal Weeder delivers a thermal shock (600°C) to the weed causing the plant's cells to burst, destroying the weed within seconds. Requiring no consumables such as chemicals or gas canisters to buy, store or mix. It is cost effective and simple to use – just switch on and go. Thanks to its protective cone, it provides precise and targeted treatment, ensuring surrounding plants aren't damaged - the perfect selective weed killer. The unit heats up in seconds and cools down just as quickly, making it quiet, safe and easy to use.  The upright design allows weeds to be treated without the need to bend down, with a simple push button start and an ergonomic handle to provide comfortable usability.  The Green Power Thermal Weeder features an integral hanging hook for easy storage and comes with a two year guarantee.

Key Benefits:

  • Delivers a thermal shock (600°C) which bursts the plant's cells and kills the weed in seconds.
  • Safe and easy to operate, ideal for keeping weeds under control.
  • No consumables required, such as gas canisters or chemicals, making this a cost effective product to run.
  • Protective cone for precise treatment, so no risk of damage to surrounding plants.
  • Ergonomically designed - a great alternative to the usual back-breaking job of weeding.
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