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Bugclear Ultra Gun Edible 1L

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For flowers, fruit and veg!*
1. Kills bugs
2. Prevents further attacks
Aphids, Caterpillar, Whitefly, Mealy Bug and Red Spider mite

BugClear Ultra Gun! works in 2 ways.
1.On Contact - It kills bugs rapidly.
2. Systemically - It is absorbed into the plant so that it kills difficult or hidden bugs as they feed (for example, scale insects on ornamental plants).
Pesticide resistance in glasshouse whitefly, some aphids and spider mites is widespread. Where resistant bugs are present, this product is unlikely to give control.

Effective against: Greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, red spider mites, scale insects, mealy bugs. caterpillars and lily beetles.
For flowers, fruit and veg!, Kills bugs and prevents further attacks, For aphids, caterpillar, whitefly, mealy bug and red spider mite
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Brand Evergreen
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