Enjoy the Perfect Lawn throughout the Year

Enjoy the Perfect Lawn throughout the Year

Enjoy the Perfect Lawn Throughout the Year

Enjoy the Perfect Lawn Throughout the Year


Many people forget about their lawns during the fall, but this is a key time to look after them. You may feel like a rest after all that work in the summer, but care for it properly now and you will give it a good chance of surviving through the winter.

Now is a good time to give your lawn a feed. Potassium will encourage growth and strengthen the grass, giving it a better chance of getting through winter. You may need to give it the odd mow until it stops growing, and this is also the time of year when fallen leaves need to be raked up to prevent them cutting out the light.


Winter is the time of year when there is the least amount of work to do on your lawn. Make sure you keep on picking up any leaves that fall, and try not to walk across it when the frost sets in because this can cause damage.

This is a good time of year to prepare any areas for laying turf by doing all the digging work so that you are ready to lay the turf or sow new seeds when the weather warms up.


Lawns need lots of care in the spring as the temperatures begin to rise and the grass begins to grow again. Now is the time to add some fertiliser and start watering the lawn if the weather is dry. You may also want to lay new turf when the frost risk lowers, as well as sow some seeds in bare patches. Start mowing your lawn as needed, but avoid cutting it too short for now.


Grass needs the most care during the summer. Your main job will be mowing the lawn at least once a week and maybe more, but that's not the only job. If the weather is dry, use a sprinkler system or a hose to ensure your lawn is getting enough water. You may also need to do some careful weeding to get rid of the daisies, dandelions, clovers and other weeds.

Keep Your Lawn in Perfect Condition

A really good lawn needs a lot of work to keep it in top shape, so don't assume that this is just a job for the summer. Many people look after their lawns in the summer but forget to care for them during the rest of the year, so don't make this mistake. Instead, make your lawn a year-round project and enjoy a perfect lawn throughout the year.

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