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Special OfferBaby Bio Original Drip Feeders 4 x 40ml

Baby Bio Original Drip Feeders 4 x 40ml

Britain’s favourite house plant food for over 60 years now in a convenient drip feederSuitable for all house plants...

Baby Bio 4 Drip Feeders Buy one Get one Free£5.99
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Indoor Plant Care

Indoor Plant Care

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WestlandWestland Seramis Liquid Plant Food for Orchids 200ml

Westland Seramis Liquid Plant Food for Orchids 200ml

The perfect plant food for your orchids. This balanced nutrient formula is enriched with the essential food and trace......

WestlandWestland Citrus Compost 10ltr

Westland Citrus Compost 10ltr

10 Litre bagBenefits:Added loam to help retain nutrientsSlightly acidicEncourages healthy root developmentCompost...

WestlandWestland Seramis Revitilising Leaf Spray for Orchids 250ml

Westland Seramis Revitilising Leaf Spray for Orchids 250ml

Orchids love high humidity. This revitalising leaf spray creates the ideal climate for healthy leaf growth combined with a......

 £4.99This product is out of stock
WestlandWestland Bonsai Compost 10ltr

Westland Bonsai Compost 10ltr

10 Litre bagBenefits:Free draining, loam-based to help retain nutrientsOptimum aeration and drainage for healthy roots...

WestlandWestland Orchid Compost 10ltr

Westland Orchid Compost 10ltr

0 Litre bagBenefits:Essential nutrients for healthy orchidsOpen structure for good drainageOptimum aeration for......

WestlandWestland Seramis Special Potting Mix for Orchids 2.5l

Westland Seramis Special Potting Mix for Orchids 2.5l

This Seramis Potting Mix for Orchids is specially made from Unique Seramis clay granules to store and release water exactly w...

WestlandWestland Seramis Potting Mix 7L

Westland Seramis Potting Mix 7L

Simple, clean and safe to handle.Absorbs and gradually realeases water.Optimal oxygen supply to roots.Nutrients for health...