KinderGarden Plants

KinderGarden Plants

Calibrachoa Can Can Double Blue Calibrachoa Cabaret White Petunia Designer Purple Flash

Welcome to KinderGarden the easy way to summer colour.

Discover the world of kindergarten Young Plants; Starter Plants, Seedlings, Plug Plants and Premium Plants make up the kindergarten Range. Our top quality young plant products are an excellent and economical way to buy all your summer colour for Containers, Baskets and the Garden.

Whichever format you choose you will find our young plants easy to handle and easy to grow on. The quality of plants and the wide range available make it easy for you to create a magnificent display, whatever your ability.

Kinder Premium Plants      Kinder Starter Plants           Kinder Plug Plants

         £1.79 each                           £1.49 each                        20 cells £3.99

         6 for £9.00                           8 for £9.00

Colour theme plug 8 pack         Vegetable and strawberry 4 pack

            £ 9.00                                          £ 2.99  2 for £5.00

                                               IN STORE NOW!!!