Looking After Your Lawn During Winter

Looking After Your Lawn During Winter

Looking After Your Lawn During Winter

During the winter months it can be easy to forget about your lawn and assume nothing needs doing. However, there are some things you can do to look after your lawn during the winter months. At Altons Garden Centre we understand lawn care during the winter is essential if you want a healthy lawn throughout spring/summer. Below are a few tips for winter lawn care.


During the winter your lawnmower can
often get forgotten about, but sometimes
the grass can benefit from a small cut.
There may be a growth spurt during a
mild week and so lowering the notch and
using a rotary lawnmower can help to
give a good trim. If you use a petrol
drain away any remaining
unleaded petrol before you put it away
for the winter as this doesn't keep.

Keep It Clean

It is a good idea to remove any garden
, kids toys, trampolines etc from
the grass during the winter. Leaving
these sorts of things on the grass can
smother the lawn which can shunt it's
growth and can eventually lead the grass
to die. This also goes for there being too
much traffic on the grass, if people are
walking across a specific area of the lawn
it can cause it to become worn which can
make it slower to green in the spring.

Get Rid Of Weeds

It is important to keep on top of any
weeds growing on your lawn. Leaving
them will let them seed and spread
across the lawn. Cleaning the grass of
leaves is also good practice as leaves
can block out light and moisture meaning
the lawn doesn't get enough nutrients.

Planning A New Lawn?

If you are planning on laying a new lawn
the winter is the perfect time to prepare for
this. Dig up the area you will be laying the
new lawn and let the frost break up the
soil. When the warmer weather hits your
soil will be ready for the lawn to be laid.

Following these tips will allow you to keep a healthy lawn all year round.