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Special OfferMiracle Gro Pour & Feed Liquid Plant Food 3Ltr

Miracle Gro Pour & Feed Liquid Plant Food 3Ltr

Miracle-gro Pour & Feed now feeds your flowering and foliar pot plants - indoors and out for up to a month.Box Contains......

2 for £10£5.99
Special OfferWooden wheelbarrow

Wooden wheelbarrow

This product is made from a stained pine with a metal rimmed wheel....

£10 off£29.99Was £39.99
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Artificial Christmas Trees
Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Browse Our Selection of Pre-Lit Christmas Trees! 

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree that’s easy to set up, effortless to take care of, looks amazing, and will last you for many holidays to come, look no further than our collection of pre-lit Christmas trees. 

From warm whites to cool blues to exciting multi-coloured lights, our pre-lit Christmas trees come in a variety of festive colours to suit any taste. And with sizes ranging from 150cm with 180 LED lights all the way up to a spectacular 8ft with 700 LED lights, there’s something to fit any room in any home. 

To make your holiday season as stress-free as possible, most of our pre-lit artificial trees are equipped with PowerConnect technology. PowerConnect makes lighting up your Christmas tree easier than ever before – instead of cords, the lights connect at the poles, so all you have to do is slot them together. Just plug it into the wall, and that’s it, you’re done!

 So if you want to spend minutes, not hours, setting up your Christmas tree, a pre-lit tree is the way to go. Some trees, like the 7ft feel-real Newberry spruce tree, even have dual lights, allowing you to effortlessly switch between an elegant golden glow and a carefree multi-coloured light. That means no more arguing about what type of coloured lights to get! Or if you’d like something a bit simpler, check out any of our lifelike artificial trees with warm white lights, like our popular 6.5ft bayberry spruce

Below, you’ll find trees of all shapes, sizes, and colours, all of the same exceptionally high-quality – will one of them be your forever Christmas tree? 

4ft - 4.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree 4ft - 4.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree
5ft - 5.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree 5ft - 5.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree
6ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees 6ft - 6.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees
7ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees 7ft - 7.5ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees
7.5+ Pre-Lit Christmas Tree 7.5+ Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Your tree is up, the branches are fluffed to perfection, and now there’s just one last thing standing between you and decorating your tree with your favourite ornaments – the lights. But no one likes to sit and untangle cords or spend time making sure all of the lights are positioned correctly. Not only is it frustrating, but also takes up a considerable amount of time.

 Pre-lit Christmas trees take the hard work out of decorating by perfectly placing each light for you. And with PowerConnect technology, there are no extra cords to connect. That means more time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree with your family and friends!

 Our artificial trees aren’t just easy to set up and take down – they’re incredibly lifelike, full-bodied, and beautiful. Made from high-quality PE and PVC and moulded from real conifer branches, you won’t find any holes or gaps. It’s all of the splendour of a real tree without the mess or constant maintenance. Just set it up, fluff it up, and that’s it. 

Christmas should be an amazing and beautiful time of year, not a stressful one. That’s why at Altons, our goal is to be your one-stop solution for all of your holiday needs. From dazzling pre-lit trees to fabulous indoor and outdoor decorations, we have everything you need to make this holiday the most special and easiest one yet.